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Stoic Brewery: Brewery Tour

Updated: May 29, 2022

Philosophers of flavour.

The Stoics figured out that everybody should work together for the greater good. We believe the same thing. In fact, every decision we make about our products is firmly rooted in the rationale that everything must live together in harmony. From the ingredients in our brew, to the way we do business, or by protecting the environment, we always strive for integrity. In that spirit, let’s come together in unity, no matter who you are, and share a moment of true satisfaction with a Stoic brew in hand.

Trading Hours

Wednesday 3pm - 7pm

Thursday 3pm - 7pm

Friday 12pm - 7pm

Saturday 12pm - 7pm

Sunday 12pm - 7pm

For more info on the Stoic Brewery please visit:

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