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Maugers Meat: Paddock to Plate Tour

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

From our Paddock to your Plate

The Mauger family have been producing naturally raised grass-fed beef and lamb from their own grassy hills since the 1940’s. Their experience and investment in their meat and livestock is what sets them apart. Known for a sustainable approach to farming as well as two thriving Butchers shops and suppling many hotels and restaurants in the area, the Maugers name is synonymous with the very finest quality meat.

Maugers Paddock to Plate Tour

Visit Laurel View, the Maugers working farm to learn more about grass-fed beef and lamb production. Find out why raising livestock naturally on grass is better for the animal, the environment and the taste.


Location: 21 Hoddle St, Burrawang

Phone: (02) 4886 4327

Fax: (02) 4886 4046

For more on Maugers please visit:

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