Updated: Jun 3

We've got a week of holiday fun incoming with all proceeds going to The Kidzwish Foundation. Sign up now and we'll get in contact with you once our holiday program is live.

Here's how you sign up using with your Discover Voucher!

  1. Follow this [BOOKED OUT]

  2. Only book for 1 Person

  3. Fill in your details in the reservation system (Now Book It)

  4. In th 'NOTES' section, enter your Voucher Code found in your Service NSW APP!


- It should take up to 7 days for your voucher to upload so don't spent it elsewhere in that time or your voucher will not be validated.

- You must be at the venue before 8pm on the day

- Vouchers legally can't be refuned

- Cash tickets will also be able to be purchased for $25 + BF

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