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The Illa Signatures

Our Unique Signature Cocktail Collection Will Take You On A Journey. Inspired By The History Of The Pub & Lovingly Created To Tell A Story & Tantalise Your Palette - You Are In For A Treat.

Hotel 1938

Opening Our Doors In 1938 As A Humble Venue, With Something For Everyone. Just Like This Cocktail - She's A Real People Pleaser.

The Profile: Refreshing, Tangy & Just like a Frosty Fruit.

Cointreau | Vodka | Aperol | Pineapple | Lime | Passionfruit


The Untold Story

With A Venue As Old As This There Are Many Stories & Secrets We Still Uncover To This Day.

The Profile: Sweet & Juicy Flavours That Are Intensely Moreish.

Fig | Gin | Lemon | Bitters | Egg Whites


Lavender Fields

Symbolising Grace & Luxury, All Of What Our First Publican Was, Lavender Finds Itself At Home In Our Smith Street Garden & Honoured In This Pretty Little Drink.

The Profile: A Floral Sensation That Is Smooth, Creamy & Tasting As Pretty As She Looks.

Creme De Violette | Lillette Blanc | Lemon | Lavender | Egg White


The Blue Wren

Inspired by Hilda Herself, This Blue Beauty Is An Ode To The Lady With The Blue Hair Who Captivated So Many.

Profile: Distinctive & Flamboyant With Big, Bold Flavours.

Rum | Blueberry | Yuzu | Orgeat | Tonic | Egg White | Blueberry Popping Pearls


All Her Glory

Here Stands A Hotel 85 Years Old, Filled With History & Memories. Majestic, Proud & Glorious.

The Profile: Bold, Everlasting & Unexpected With Nutty Undertones.

Bourbon | Vanilla | Peach | Bitters | Black Walnut | House-Made Peach Leather Strap


Diamond Lil

Hilda's Daughter Earned Herself The Nickname Diamond Lil, As She Called From Behind The Bar 'Time, Please, Gentleman' Adorned In Her Diamonds.

The Profile: Herbaceous, Balanced & Fresh.

Gin | Lime | Basil


The Saltbush

We've Always Viewed Ourself As A Country Pub In The Heart Of The City, So This Australian Native Infusion Is The Best of The Bush & The City Combined.

The Profile: Intensely Refreshing, Robust & Zesty.

Tequila | Saltbush | Lime | Grapefruit | Soda


Sweet Honey Bee

Celebrating Our Native Australian Honey Bees, Small & Sweet With No Stinger & Calling The Smith Street Garden Home.

The Profile: A Surprising Combo That Is Sweet, Smooth & Bursting With Citrus Notes.

Cointreau | Tequila | Lime | Goji Berry | Honey


The Illa-Colada

A traditional Favourite With An Illa Twist.

The Profile: Sweet & Tropical With Bold Fruity Flavours.

Mango | Coconut | Rum | Lime | Passionfruit


Cocktail Jugs

$20 1L Cocktail Jugs on Sundays from 12-8pm

Blue Lagoon

Sure To Tingle Your Tastebuds, This Blue Infusion Topped With A Can Of Redbull Is A Real Party Starter.


Guava Daiquiri

Sweet & Fruity This One Is Sure To Delight With Its Vibrant Guava Flavours. Truly Mouth-watering.


Summer Splash

Like Liquid Sunshine This Citrus Blend Will Transport You To A Tropical Island. Perfectly Refreshing, It’s A People Pleaser.


Golden Hour

Our Boutique Spritzes, Hailing From Local Illawarra Distilleries.
$10 Thursdays - Sundays on Market Street.

Rosé Gin Spritz

Light & Refreshing This Spritz Is A Crowd Pleaser With Bold Flavours Of Fruity Passionfruit, Balanced With Some Sweetness From Its Rosé Counterpart. Created From Our Very Own Smith Street Distillery, Prepare To Be Delighted With Every Sip.


Spiced Dry & Lime Spritz

The Great Australian Rum Co Bring Us A Spritz That Is Adventurous & Full Of Depth, With Hints of Spice & Oak Notes That Make It Deliciously Distinct & Somewhat Reminiscent Of A Canadian Club.


Illawarra Plum Spritz

The Team At Headlands Distilling Co Bring You A Spritz Like No Other Thanks To The Rare Australian Native Illawarra Plum. Juicy, Subtly Sweet & Having Characteristics Of Mild Pine Flavours From Its Coastal Growing Region. Expertly Infused & Insanely Delicious!


Strawberries & Cream Spritz

Indulge In Elegance With Hoochie Mumma's Strawberries & Cream Vodka Spritz. A Symphony Of Sweet & Creamy Perfection, Bursting With Vibrant Berry Notes, The Taste Of Summer & A Velvety Finish.


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