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In the Community

The Wollongong skyline getting new additions at a rate of knots, and we are all looking up. At Smith Street, we are focusing on our grassroots, and so nestled away in the heart of Wollongong, we decided to create a sustainable oasis, showcasing urban sustainability and gardening techniques with Smith Street Distillery and farm.

Snuggled between the apartments of the Wollongong CBD, Smith Street Distillery is the city's greenest, new project, and we are very excited to share the vision. Down at ground level, we are in the early stages of planting our gardens, in the next few months this will help to supply our kitchen at The Illawarra Hotel. In return, the Illa kitchen, will aid and benefit Smith Street, with the kitchen feeding our chickens and the gardens through scraps and compost. This will create a closed-loop system, hugely reducing our carbon footprint and food miles.

At the Distillery, we will have local food and coffee in the mornings, and later in the afternoon, our range of spirits will be on show with tastings and cocktails. We want to create an experience in the heart of Wollongong that allows an escape from the everyday and brings the community together to smell the flowers, and the herbs too! Smith Street will be Wollongong’s escape to the country within the heart of our urban landscape.

-Liam Fraser, Farm Manager

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